Phase I and II


Some children (around the age of 8 to 9 years old) need early orthodontic treatment to correct certain bite or jaw issues. This is known as Phase I treatment. The primary goal of Phase I is to allow for favorable growth of the jaws and eruption of the permanent teeth.

After all the permanent teeth erupt, these patients will be re-evaluated for Phase II treatment. Usually, Phase II is much shorter and easier for the patient since most of the corrections have already taken place in Phase I. Not all patients who undergo Phase I will need a Phase II treatment.

Full Treatment


Full treatment is given to patients who usually have all their permanent teeth erupted. This type of treatment is comprehensive and encompasses: (1) Aligning all the teeth; (2) Achieving an ideal occlusion/bite; and (3) Acquiring a lasting, beautiful smile. Full treatment would be done in one phase and is usually 1.5-3 years in duration. Dr. Jennifer Yau will exam your case and determine the complexity of the case in order to give you an accurate timeline.

Adult Treatment


Adults are more than welcomed to straightening their teeth and improving their smile. Orthodontics not only gives you a better smile but also allows for a flexibility in restorative options. Patients who need extensive restorative work, but requires better alignment of their teeth will benefit from receiving orthodontic treatment. Dr. Yau works closely with your preferred dentist to develop a thorough treatment plan in order to achieve your goals.



Our office uses both metal and clear brackets. We also use self-ligating brackets, which tend to be cleaner and facilitate better oral hygiene.



We offer Invisalign or clear aligner therapy for patients concerned with esthetics, hygiene, and comfort. Dr. Yau is a certified Invisalign provider and has trained extensively in Invisalign.

Orthognathic Surgery


Sometimes patients have malalignment of their jaws and require more advance treatment, such as orthognathic surgery. Dr. Yau will communicate with your preferred oral surgeon to make sure your experience is as smooth and comfortable as posssible.